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Celebrating BLB Custom Building's Female Leaders: Project Management

Updated: Mar 19

Women's History Month is celebrated annually each March, providing a time to recognize women's achievements, honor women's rights, and promote gender equality. For the latter half of the month, BLB Custom Building will be spotlighting the amazing women a part of the team. We interviewed each female leader asking a series of questions to learn a bit more about their impact at BLB and within the construction industry as a whole.

This week, we sat down with Shelby Snyder, BLB Custom Building's Project and Marketing Manager, who began her journey at the company in June of 2020 and already has five project completions under her belt. As an Amesbury local, Shelby loves BLB's community involvement and strong client-based values - allowing her to develop lasting relationships with other community members and businesses and excelling in her client communication. Outside of work, you'll usually find Shelby flexing her creative skills on Procreate, hanging out with her cat, Nomar, or taking a walk up to Batchelder Park in Amesbury. Read the full interview below!

Q: What is your role at BLB Custom Building?

A: I am BLB's project and marketing manager - I like to stay busy, so these roles allow me to wear a variety of hats!

Q: Tell us about an average day in your role at BLB.

A: No two days are ever the same - which is common in the construction industry, however that is what I love about the project manager role. I typically start my day by reviewing my daily agenda (a life-saver!) and each day I carve out about 1-2 hours to visit each job site to meet with team members, subcontractors, and clients to review progress and answer questions.

Q: How do you effectively juggle the daily work associated with both the project and marketing management roles?

A: Time management and organization! I am a "type A" kind of person which makes me a little obsessed with organization. However, without my agenda, I probably would not be able to complete all of my daily tasks. By itemizing my tasks and outlining the ones that will take me the shortest and longest amount of time to complete, I can effectively manage my time each day and allocate the same efforts while wearing either the project manager or marketing manager hats.

Q: While construction is considered to be a male-dominated industry, more females are joining the workforce. Do you have any advice for women who are looking to work within the construction industry?

A: Work hard and try to not take anything personally. I have learned that you will have good days and bad days, the trick is to not let the bad days get you down - instead utilize challenges as a learning experience to improve. Lastly, always remember that women can do anything men can do, especially in the construction industry - be proud, be confident, be you!

Q: What advice would you give to yourself if you were still a college senior about to enter the workforce?

A: Allow yourself to go with the flow - you are young and have the ability to explore new opportunities and roles outside of your comfort zone. Additionally, understand that where you start will not be where you end - learn to adapt and be flexible, accept any advice given, and challenge yourself to grow in your position and assist on your path to success.

Q: What has been your favorite BLB project to work on?

A: While I love all the projects I work on, my favorite has been the New England Colonial Refresh. Although I didn't see the commencement, it was the first project that I saw to completion. I was able to learn a lot about the company, our subcontractors, and the clients while working on the job - along with making me more confident in my abilities and comfortable in my management role.

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