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Celebrating BLB Custom Building's Female Leaders: Office MVP

Women's History Month is celebrated annually each March, providing a time to recognize women's achievements, honor women's rights, and promote gender equality. For the latter half of the month, BLB Custom Building will be spotlighting the amazing women a part of the team. We interviewed each female leader asking a series of questions to learn a bit more about their impact at BLB and within the construction industry as a whole.

This week, we sat down with Melissa Crowley, BLB Custom Building's Office Manager, who has been with BLB for over five years and recently won the award for being the MVP of BLB - highlighting her continuous hard work and dedication to the team. Outside of the office, Melissa spends most of her time with friends and family, often hosting dinner parties or firepit gatherings (although COVID has squashed this a bit). While she waits for COVID restrictions to relax, you can find Melissa boat riding on the Merrimack, hiking local trails, going for long car rides with her daughter, or at home with some good music, books, and her pets. Read the full interview below!

Q: What is your role at BLB Custom Building?

A: I am the office manager at BLB, and while most would think this to be just clerical and financial, I actually have a hand in every aspect of the company in order to help BLB achieve its primary goals and stay successful.

Q: Tell me about an average day in your role at BLB.

A: An average day typically never goes as planned in my mind. I might plan on doing payroll and billing on a given day but it ends up being payroll, a little bit of estimating, plans to print, providing subcontractors with additional information, placing orders, receiving calls, helping customers make selections, pushing out a contract, answering and sending a bunch of emails and squeezing that billing in by the day's end.

Q: How long have you been in the construction industry?

A: I started out working as the office manager for an Electrical Contractor for about 10 years until I moved up this way and wanted to find something closer to home. Found BLB and have been here 5 1/2 years - so 15+ total.

Q: What personal qualities help you succeed in your job?

A: Personal qualities that help me succeed in my role at BLB are that I've been raised to always give 110% when working so I've developed a moral sense of personal loyalty and investment in the company I work with. Of course, organization and staying focused is always helpful, but also to be flexible and roll with the punches as they come at you.

Q: While construction is considered to be a male-dominated industry, more females are joining the workforce. Do you have any advice for women who are looking to work within the construction industry?

A: When I first entered the construction realm everything seemed like a foreign language to me. My advice would be to just keep asking questions until things make sense and eventually it all comes together.

Q: What has been your favorite BLB project to work on?

A: I think every project has had a special place within BLB as each project is unique and brings its own character to the company's project vault. However, I am partial to the Post & Beam Remodel as it was the very first "start to finish" project I was involved in. It was the first project with BLB and the first time seeing how we transform homes.

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