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Modernize Your Home With These Innovative Installations

Good looking homes are amazing, but reach a new degree of greatness when paired with modern installations and devices. With the world becoming more and more connected through smartphones, computers, and the ‘internet of things,’ it makes more and more sense for homeowners to bring their house to the modern era. Here are our recommendations for making your home as modern as it can be. 

Energy-Efficient Technology

One of the greatest advantages in installing new installations is that your energy bill can be lowered in an almost infinite number of ways. For example, zoning systems will prevent your enter house from having to be heated or cooled at once. Furthermore, solar panels or solar shingles can supply electricity to your home, with you even being able to sell any excess power. Through those savings, the cost of installation is often well worth it in the long run. If solar panels are too expensive, then you may also want to consider reflective roofing materials. Although they do not provide any power to your home, they can help cool it dramatically. There are a myriad of other technology to lower your cost, so definitely consider doing some research into this booming industry.

Synthetic Countertop Options

Solid surface countertops have revolutionized the countertop industry. Its non-porous nature makes the material extremely resistant to stains, germs, and mildew. Solid surface countertops are also very strong, durable, and self-supporting. Furthermore, scratches are easy to clean up. Besides that, those countertops can also be easily made to imitate high-end countertops like granite. There is also a range of solid surface countertop colors to accompany a large variety of styles. Alongside solid surface, another strong option for synthetic countertops is quartz. They come with many of the same benefits as solid surfaces countertops, and can be very stunning to look at. For example, light and dark quartz countertops can easily be the highlight of every room there are in. However, both solid surface countertops and quartz countertops are around the same price as comparable natural stone, so there are little savings to be had. Yet, even with the expensive price, their range of benefits make solid surface countertops a very worthwhile option.

ICF Construction Benefits

Insulated Concrete Form (IFC) construction is a new, modern way of building homes that are strong, quiet, and very energy-efficient. ICF technology enables homeowners to gain many benefits not found in normal houses, such as being far more energy efficient than conventional homes — many ICf structures are net-zero energy buildings. Furthermore, if you live in a region with tornados, ICF homes are built to be extremely resistant to tornadoes. Furthermore, they are one of only a few houses that can withstand hurricanes, making them desirable by many of those who face the threat of the natural disasters. ICF houses can be almost any style or size a homeowner desires, and can accommodate a wide range of budgets. Even conventional house plans can easily be converted to a modern home design. With a wide range of benefits, ICF is definitely a great choice to consider when seeking to construct your home.

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Smart Devices

Smart devices make your house safer and more convenient to live in. Smart doorbells often have security cameras installed as well, which you can monitor from your computer, phone, or tablet. Furthermore, smart locks prevent you from having to shuffle around a bunch of keys to get into your own home. Besides security, smart thermostats can help you manage your home’s temperature straight from your smartphone. Furthermore, lightbulbs that can be device-controlled are easily available in a variety of stores nowadays. There are many more new devices out there, and to get a modern home we definitely recommend purchasing one or two.

Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Construction and Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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