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Why Choosing a Licensed Contractor Matters

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

You’ve been contemplating a home remodel for a while now and are finally ready to hire a licensed, trusted and professional general contractor to complete the work. The key takeaway here is the term “licensed”. Renovations can be a stressful process if timelines and budgets are not met. The pricing you receive from various contractors to complete the work may vary and it is often tempting to go with the lowest quote yet this has proven more often than not to cost you more in the long run -- in some cases, A LOT more! 

Here at BLB Custom Building, we prequalify all subcontractors in our network to ensure that we are only working with those who agree with our subcontractor agreement, abide by our expectations and standards, and provide their validated form of insurance. The requirements for a licensed contractor may vary from town to town but the chances are, if you are hiring a licensed general contractor he or she will likely:

When Do You Need to Hire a Licensed General Contractor?

Projects in Massachusetts that require a license include basement conversions, demolitions, bathroom or kitchen remodels, and wall additions. Specialty subcontractors in our network such as electricians or plumbers are required to have their own license that is specific to their trade.

You Want to Choose a Trusted Contractor Who Has Insurance for Your Protection

In addition to your homeowners insurance, by hiring an insured builder, you and the contractor are covered for any unforeseen damages or injuries throughout the project.  These are two common examples of why licensed general contractors are required to carry two types of insurance: 

  • General liability insurance: This covers the contractor against any third-party lawsuits that involve injuries relating to individuals on the job or damage to property.

  • Worker’s compensation: This covers any medical costs associated with a workplace injury for anyone working in your home. It also covers lost wages due to a work-related injury.

Choosing a Trusted and Reputable Contractor to Keep You on Budget

At BLB Custom Building, we work with the homeowner through our proven design, scope, build process to draw up a contract and set a budget and allowances for the work being performed and products that are selected, to avoid additional costs and account for all materials and labor needed to finish the job. 

Due to the necessary certifications and licensures to be qualified as an insured builder, customers can be assured that the quality of work performed is to the highest standard. Unlicensed contractors are not held to an industry standard or qualification, and therefore corners can be cut as a cost saving measure, only to have a poor outcome in the quality of work.

Selecting the right team of individuals is absolutely essential to the success of a project from initial concept through completion. Every project at BLB Custom Building is handled with the utmost professionalism as well as attention to detail ensuring that it is seamlessly carried out through completion. Our team of master craftsmen and project leaders work with all parties involved in the building process to ensure that both communication and satisfaction are established throughout the entirety of any project.

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